miCLIP (methylation iCLIP)

Is cDNA truncation the same in the miCLIP protocol for analyzing m6A positions with Abcam and Sysy antibodies to m6A?

Yes, miCLIP can be used to map the methyl-5-cytosine (m5C) or methyl-6-adenosine (m6A) modifications in RNA by exploiting cDNA truncation. In case of antibodies against m6A, a polypeptide is left at the cross-linked nucleotide after proteinase K digestion of the antibody, because the antibody is covalently crosslinked to the RNA in the same way as an RNA-binding protein would be crosslinked in the case of iCLIP. Apart from crosslinking, the rest of the protocol of miCLIP is very similar to iCLIP.

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